v1Every once in awhile I will have the house to myself while my boyfriend goes to a work dinner.  It’s like I’ve never been left home alone before, I’m a child.  I tend to get a bit mischevious on these nights.   I can’t describe it, I have this sense of urge to create trouble.  I find myself throwing on my pajamas the minute I walk in the door from work, no care to hang up my clothes.  I curl up to the television for a marathon of brainless Bravo shows such as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Kardashians Take Miami.  And worst yet, I most times end up snacking on Twix bars and old apples for dinner.  For my entire dinner.  Help me I’m sick…Tonight is one of those nights.  I write this as I’m watching American Idol.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills re-runs are already over. Twix bars in hand.  Apartment a mess.  I’m secretly so happy.  I think it’s nice, every once in awhile, to take a break from the structure of my day to day.
Anyways, in addition to my Twix bar, I thought it would be a good idea to have something a bit more colorful.  I saw a recipe from the brilliant Weelicious that inspired me to make this Graham Cracker n’ Strawberry snack.  Enjoy!
SG 1529


12 ounces of 2% greek yogurt, cold
2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar, packed
5 strawberries, fresh
8 graham crackers
With an immersion blender, mix together the greek yogurt, dark brown sugar and 2 strawberries.  Blend until very smooth.  Smooth greek yogurt mix on graham crackers.  Cut strawberries in half and place on the graham crackers with greek yogurt mix.

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